7 Tips to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

The travel options most of us are exposed to are expensive. It’s unlikely that you’ll see many advertisements for budget vacations.

The travel destinations you see in colorful brochures, high-end magazines, and on television are run by high-profit travel companies. While those vacations are a possibility, there are more economical options to consider.

Many people manage to travel the world on a budget of $50 or less per day!

Take advantage of these strategies and save money on your next vacation:

  1. Try the shoulder season. Hitting Europe in the summer and Aruba in the winter might be ideal. However, you can save a lot of money by traveling just before or after peak seasons. The costs are lower and the weather is still good. It’s also less crowded and more peaceful.

  2. Bid for your hotel room. Most travelers are aware of websites like and But, it’s challenging to know if you’re getting the best deal.
    • can provide actual bidding information and advice for the popular bidding websites. You can find out the average room rate and compare. Then, you’ll know with certainty if you’re bidding too little or too much.
    • Wait until the last minute. While airfares go through the roof close to the travel date, many other travel-related services, like cruises and tours, tend to drop in price.
      • Why is that? Who flies at the last minute? Typically people on business-related travel. This group of travelers isn’t as price conscious.
      • Cruises and tours mostly have fixed costs, so they get all the money upfront. There’s little reason to send out a cruise ship with empty rooms. Leaving those rooms vacant gets them zero dollars, so they’d rather sell trips at a discount to bring in more income.
    • Plan your meals. Spending a lot of money on food, especially if you have a large family, can happen very quickly. Find discount coupons and deals ahead of time. Do some research and decide where you’re going to eat before starting on your journey.
      • Remember that you can cook for yourself, too, even on vacation, with some advance planning. An electric skillet can save you a lot when you’re on vacation!
    • Travel light. Airlines like to give the impression of lower fares, but by now you likely know the truth. They charge for everything else that used to be free. And bags cost a fortune. Some airlines charge for any checked luggage. Plus, overweight bags can cost you literally hundreds of extra dollars before you even board the plane for your trip!
    • If you’re taking a road trip, consider your gas consumption. There are many rewards programs that can help you save money on gas. If you have a smart phone, you can find apps to assist you with finding the best gas prices on your route. Many gift cards give additional discounts on gasoline, as well.
    • Find free entertainment. Most cities have some sort of free entertainment just about every day of the week. Many museums offer free admission one day a week. Get online and see what’s happening where you’re vacationing.

    A budget vacation doesn’t have to feel like you’re skimping. It simply requires some creative planning. With some effort, you can have your greatest vacation ever without breaking the bank.

    Use these tips and your own ideas to save money while giving your family a vacation to remember.

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