Traveling woman with map

Planning for Your Road Trip

Getting ready to go on a road trip? A little planning can help minimize problems and make your trip so much better!

What kind of things do you need to think about prior to hitting the road? Let’s cover one big basic and try to set you up for a smooth trip!

Plan your route.

This might sound like an obvious thing, but many people skip this step! We can assume you know where you are going, but have you mapped out your route? Are you taking a direct route on high-speed freeways? Or are you taking the road less traveled and taking your time getting to your destination?

Gas stops!

Know how far you can go without running out of gas! If using your own vehicle, you already know, but what if you are renting an RV? Trust me you need to know your range! Plan on getting gas before you are below a quarter of a tank. Having the low fuel light come on can be stressful! And when you do stop, be sure to do some stretching and take a quick walk.

Are you traveling with children?

If so, plan stops so they can get out of their car seats and move around and stretch. You will need bathroom stops, and probably need to feed them too! When planning the stops, think about how long your kids can go before getting restless or having to use a bathroom. When you know when the next pit stop is, it can help keep your kids calmer if they do start to get restless. Also think about if they will be sleeping. Having to wake sleeping kids isn’t the best idea, so think ahead! To reduce stops, try to plan your gas and pitstops together.

Are you making pleasure stops along the way?

I like to seek out interesting museums or interesting sites along my way. When traveling through mountains, there are often spots you can stop and enjoy the view. Or take a quick hike and exercise your legs. I factor in the time for stops like that. And sometimes I see something interesting that I just have to stop and check out.

Always allow extra time.

Weather, traffic, accidents, and road construction are all time suckers. And you can’t plan for them. When planning your route, look for any ongoing construction projects and avoid them!

Spending some time planning your trip in advance can help make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful. Get out that map and a pad of paper and start planning a great trip!

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